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What is MINT all about?

Our unique programme for children delivers on all aspects of Strength and Conditioning: speed, agility, flexibility, strength and power. Strength and Conditioning training has always been a critical part of professional sport, and now a part of the PE National Curriculum it’s finally being recognised for its power to improve overall physical fitness for everyone, whether you aspire to be a pro athlete or simply want to enjoy fitness with friends.


Building stronger, fitter, happier kids!

MINT stands for Movement INTelligence. We don’t mind that the kids don’t know this, but it’s important to us. We want to ensure that every child we teach has the ability to move efficiently, safely and with great technique.

If we can do this then they have a fantastic physical foundation on which to enjoy life wherever it may take them.

Maya got her end of year school report yesterday. Last year it highlighted how behind she was in PE.

This year, she’s one of the best in her class for all-round fitness. All down to you guys! What an improvement. It’s done wonders for her confidence.

Dhruv, MINT Dad


What makes a
MINT kid?

We coach over 150 kids a week throughout the term and have a great mix of girls and boys who play and enjoy all sorts of sports whether at school, in clubs or just for fun.


The movements we teach will benefit whatever they are into - be it football or frisbee, dancing, rowing, tennis, cricket or just running to catch the school bus.

My daughter has really benefited from the strength & conditioning coaching. The sessions have pushed her to see what she is capable of.

She’s found she’s got more stamina and presence now on the football pitch and in the pool and generally feels more confident in herself.

MINT Mum, daughter in Extra Strong

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