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Welcome to MINT Coaching

A turbo boost for your child’s sport and fitness.

We focus on improving speed, strength, agility, stamina and confidence, so your child can reach their full potential and build healthy habits for life.

Strength & Conditioning is the cornerstone of improving physical fitness and our unique programme is especially tailored for children. Whatever their favourite sport, be it rugby, swimming, cycling, skiing or skateboarding, our highly qualified team teach lifting, cardio and gymnastic skills in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

See our indoor circuits featured during lockdown in


Quality coaching that instils good training habits at an early age, & all done in an atmosphere where the children are treated as young adults. MINT ticks the boxes both physically & psychologically capturing all the benefits sport can bring to life. Would recommend to all children.


Huw Roberts, Dad & Rugby Coach


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Booking open for After School at Blitz, TW1

Training hard, seeing improvements and having fun.

Our unique programme teaches lifting, cardio, bodyweight and gymnastic movements in a safe and supportive environment.

No two classes are the same, but each session will help your child to learn, perform and progress.


Working in small groups or with partners, our mixed ability approach promotes team spirit as they tackle new physical challenges together.


Outdoor PT available for children and family groups.

Private sessions with one of our experienced coaches to deliver a programme personalised to you or your child’s specific sporting or fitness goals.


Speed, agility, strength & conditioning, ideal to get that performance edge ahead of the new season. 

We will train outdoors until indoors is viable again. 

Available for individuals, families or up to a group size of four of your friends and teammates. Discounts available for for adults & children training together from the same household.


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Offered throughout the year to support Pre-Season training and provide continuity during school holidays by keeping your child active, building up stamina and teaching new skills.


An ideal way for teammates to workout together, these 90-minute sessions will keep up the buzz of making progress, and having fun doing it. 


Currently running multiple sessions a week for

Wetherby, Radnor House and Hampton Boys School.

Running performance event days with Ibbstock and Rokeby School.

Supplement your PE curriculum and boost pupils’ strength, fitness and love of sport. Classes tailored specifically for your school’s needs, whether this is to focus on techniques for speed, strength and endurance or a high-intensity combination of all.

Offering programmes for 8 to 18-year-olds, available onsite with MINT kit, or at one of our SW London locations. 

How will MINT benefit your child?

As your child continues to train with us they will notice that exercises and skills that at first seemed tough are now easily completed or even incorporated as part of their warm-up.

They’ll be amazed at what they can achieve.


Our goal is to ensure that every child finishes our classes tired but happy and looking forward to their next session.

But it’s not just about the buzz of an exercise high, it’s about fostering friendships and the empowerment of accomplishing new skills.


The correct and safe use of strength training builds good physical foundations for life. Whether your child is lifting a barbell or a heavy school bag, our techniques help prevent injury and build a strong, healthy child.

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Confidence is King (or Queen) when it comes to getting stuck into your sport and hitting personal goals.

Our classes provide individual and team challenges designed to build self-confidence and boost self-esteem.

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Mint Coaching classes are the next best thing to Fortnite.

Adam, 10


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