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Keep active over Christmas

For many school is out and the Christmas holidays have already started. As MINT classes are also on a break we thought we'd share our ideas to keep the kids active over the festive season. We've kept it local but please do improvise depending on where you are. And as this is a time of togetherness these are all family friendly too.

Dive right in

We are so lucky to have Hampton Pool on our doorstep. The colder it is outside the more wonderful the steam rising to invite you in...always heated to 28 degrees this 36m pool is open 365 days of the year. Swimming is a great full body and heart workout and, as the support of the water makes this low impact, it is a good exercise if you are suffering with joint aches or muscles fatigue.

What to aim for?

If you are a swimmer we suggest focusing on 4 lengths at a time and aim to do 20 length (720m) in total which should take around 35 minutes. Front crawl will be fastest but also most tiring so alternate strokes if you need to. Then go and have a splash around.

Bargain at under £5 a swim.

Ice Skating

A bit more pricey but trying something you don't do very often makes the workout that little bit more challenging. Ice skating is a great for the legs...and your core - giving you the balance so you don't fall over...well that's the theory.

With rinks popping up all over the place just choose which London landmark you want to be photographed skating in front of. Our vote would go to either Hampton Court Palace or Somerset House.

What to aim for?

Just keep going. Most sessions only last 45 minutes so don't stop and have the hot chocolate once you are done.

Park run

As the first EVER park run was in Bushy Park we probably don't realise what a sporting phenomenon this event has become. Always 5km, always free and always run by volunteers there are over 650 park runs now held every week. You can run it, jog it, jog-walk it, the aim is to get to the end, log your time and work on improving that the next time.

What to aim for?

We may not perform long distance running at MINT but we do work them hard for an hour which builds up your kids stamina and endurance. Aim for something under 38mins for their first park run but we reckon many of them will be under 30 minutes.

Remember to keep warm and stay hydrated!

There are some runs being held on Christmas Day and New Year's Day - check out your nearest ones over the Christmas Hols.

Why don't you..

We used to dislike this programme when we were kids but the theme tune still resonates...

'Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go and Do Something Less Boring Instead?'

Turn off the phones, turn off the Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and pick up a ball (round or egg shaped), maybe grab a dog and even various family members and head outside.

There are Rugby posts in Bushy Park and Marble Hill that are great fun for some kicking practice - even if you've never tried it before.

Or just go out for a walk...and talk.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing the kids back for the new term.


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