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Workout today comes from Train Inside Out

This strength workout is thanks to Train Inside Out. Head coach Holly runs an amazing gym located on the touchline of the pitch at Rosslyn Park Rugby club. We love running our sessions from this unique space - speed sessions on the all weather pitch are awesome.

What you need

  • A Dumbbell/ Kettlebell even a filled rucksack will do. Find a weight that you can complete each set without breaking it up and keeping perfect technique.

  • A bench or stable /secure chair

4 ROUNDS... this is for quality not time

  • Single Leg Romanian Deadlift x12 (each leg before moving on)

  • Bulgarian Split squat x15 (each leg before moving on)

  • Push press x 8 (each arm before moving on)

  • Bent Over Row x15 (each arm before moving on)

Then an ABS FINISHER for 30-20-10

  • Mid portion sit up

  • Single leg V-ups

It is hard but a good strength workout so keep at it!


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